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Episode 33: Rasikas’ Voice — Your Letters and Questions

Thursday, March 26th, 2009
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In this episode, we would like to share some of the feedback we have been getting so far and answer some of your questions. We also give the answer to the Raaga Quiz: Mukhari vs. Bhairavi featured in Episode 28 and recognize listeners who submitted correct entries. Thanks a lot for all your comments and enthusiastic support. We really appreciate it!

Episode 32: Featured Composition – Alaavadennaalo Part II

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009
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In this episode, we shift the focus to the multiple final segments (Charanams) of the composition. By singing several snippets of this composition, Vidya illustrates its distinct aspects in a detailed fashion. We discuss the rhythmic and melodic structure of this gem. We also define the rhythmic term, “eduppu” and describe the different kinds of “eduppu”.

Episode 31: Featured Composition – Alaavadennaalo Part I

Saturday, March 7th, 2009
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In this episode we feature a composition by Sri. Oothukaadu Venkatakavi. The composition "Alaavadennaalo", in Raaga Paras, is one of his Saptaratna kritis.  We introduce the ragam Paras and mention some well known compositions in this ragam. This is a masterful piece that brings together a deep sense of devotion and humility, superb lyrics, and incredible compositional structure. We discuss in detail the first two segments of this composition (i.e., the Pallavi and the Anupallavi).