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Episode 55: Special Rasikas’ Voice With Listener Renditions — Part VI

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009
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In this segment, we feature a submission on the violin from nine year old Sri. Hari Santhanam of Pennsylvania, USA. His submission is a varnam "Ninnu Kori" in the raaga Mohanam. Vidya uses this submission to elaborate on how varnams are used by students of Carnatic music to obtain rhythmic and melodic mastery. Vidya illustrates how varnams can be used for advanced rhythmic techniques by singing a segment of the Mohanam varnam in Tisra gati wherein each beat is divided into three sub-units as compared to the original of four sub-units. We finish the segment with a tanam on veena by Smt. Vasumathi Narayanan of Arizona in the same raaga, Mohanam.