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Oct 2011
Episode 79: Featured Composition — Shankari Shankuru — Part III
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In this episode we continue our discussions on "Shankari Shankuru", a composition by Shyama Shastri. Vidya introduces the audience to the core tala construct used in this composition. Shyama Shastri has masterfully composed this song such that the rhythm can be kept in either of two talas, the Rupaka tala or the Adi tala in tisra gati. Vidya sings snippets from the Pallavi to demonstrate this interesting aspect of the composition.


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    Dear Vidya I am a very senior Medical Doctor learning Carntic Music basics in my seventh decade of life. I am trying to learn Thalams from our weekly one hour Pannisai Teacher.For Rupaka Thalam he is teaching to repeat Thaka Thimi with the 2 claps and Thaka Jonu with the wave and with the 4th cycle to end with Tha. You were applying this system with Chapu Thalams(Episode 46).I did not observe you applying this system in Episode 45 or Episode 79.Please clarify With kind regards to you & Divesh. Dr.M.Sreetharan.

    Oct 16, 2011 at 1:28 pm